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Will you be my Valentine?

Now through February 5th (or sooner?) the horses are each looking for a special person to be their Valentine!

Each sponsor may select from the list below of available animals, your sponsorship of a tax-deductible donation of $150 will cover hay and grain for your sponsored horse for the month of February. All of the horses (and donkeys) of Lucky Clover Rescue have been given a chance to know love and compassion. We pour our souls into making sure each of our Clover's never has to worry for the rest of their lives. They will always have their nutritional needs met, regular dental visits, veterinary care, farrier care, and all the love they can handle. Your sponsorship helps with the cost of all of these things.

Each sponsor will receive one of our Limited Edition 2021 Lucky Clover Rescue Valentine Long Sleeve T-Shirts, a personalized Valentine from your horse, and a listing on our website. Sponsorships can also be donated in memoriam/honor of a loved one!

In addition, each sponsor will be entered into a drawing for a basket of home-made candles and sea salt scrubs, a basket of hot chocolate bombs, and a $100 pre-paid visa gift card!

To sponsor, please private message Lucky Clover Rescue on Facebook or email the following information:

1. Name

2. Mailing Address

3. Email Address

4. Phone Number

5. Requested animal for sponsorship

6. Shirt Size

7. Payment preference (Venmo, PayPal)

Following receipt of your request, you will be sent a Venmo or PayPal request (please specify your preference) for your donation and your sponsored horse will be updated with your name (please note if you wish to remain anonymous).

Sponsorships are needed for the following:

ARCHER-Sponsored by Kerry & Tom Hardin

AUGUST- Sponsored by Marcia Siehr

ADELINE- Sponsored by Susann Hussels

BAILEY- Sponsored by Joe Coley

BELLA- Sponsored by Amy Dahlman & Vivid Noir Salon

CHARLIE- Sponsored by Donna Langham

CHEYENNE- Sponsored by Patrick & Gina Kufrovich

DILLON- Sponsored by Kathryn Butterfuss

DUKE- Sponsored by Maggie Klapka

FINNEGAN- Sponsored by Casey & Sarah Bowe and Family

FIONA- Sponsored by Mike Bowe & Molly Reynolds

FRED- Sponsored in memory of John Kleinfeldt

GINGER- Sponsored by Barbara Nashleanas

GRETA- Sponsored by Trenton Little & Denise Coley

HARLOW- Sponsored by Chris & Julie Lawrence

JAMESON- Sponsored by Heather & Randy Elliott

KORAH- Sponsored by Kelly Gramblicka & Family

POPPY- Sponsored by Lisa Martin

ROXY- Sponsored by Bridget Bohte

RUBY- Sponsored in memory of Donald & Doris Brennan

RUGER- Sponsored by Steve & Cindy Kirklin

STELLA- Sponsored by Daelyn Petzke

WILLOW- Sponsored by Olivia Martin

ZEUS- Sponsored by Audrey Bohte

Thank you for your consideration!

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