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Medical Hold

Duncan found his way into our rescue in Fall 2023. He was at auction and set to imminently be slaughtered. Duncan was rescued with another gelding facing the same fate, Roane. Together they made the journey to Lucky Clover where we were able to start attending to their most immediate medical needs. Duncan is missing his eye on his left side. It is likely this was the result of a traumatic injury, as an operation to intentionally remove the eye would have removed additional structures and closed the eyelid. Duncan has clearly been around people and likely ridden given his knowledge base. He is very smart, but physically he has needed considerable rehabilitation. He has cribbed (chewed wood) for, what appears to be, a very long time. There is not much left to his incisors. Despite his dental, eye, and physical issues; this gelding is happy and affectionate and as easy going as they come. We will continue the progress to address all of his ongoing medical needs including surgery for his eye in the near future. 

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