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It is with heavy hearts we share the news that our sweet Bailey has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Her journey to us wasn't an easy one. Through no fault of her own, our beloved Bailey called to us needing our help. An elderly mare (estimated to be 35+ years old) with a serious puncture wound in an auction that deserved better, as they all do. Upon her arrival she began her journey to understand love, generosity and compassion. We healed her body. We healed her spirit. She loved her stay in the barn (as we lovingly named "Hotel Lucky Clover") during those cold winter nights, with her best girl Korah. She ran to the fence as we came around to pass out "night-night muffins". We watched her kick up her heels as we welcomed spring, and adored hearing her little whinnies as she called to us or her friends. Our Bailey girl was cherished and will be deeply missed by all, horse and human alike.

Until we meet again, love you always darling girl.

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